Friday, April 12, 2024

Guest Blogger Series: Rene Alegria “MAMIVERSE: Unleashing the Power of Mom”

My own Latina mom and aunt raised my three male cousins and me. Four boys roughly the same age living within a few blocks of one another can do a lot of damage. We started to do just that.

Our moms put an end to that, fast.

After doing what they were supposed to at the time—marry young and start families—my mom and aunt decided that wasn’t enough. Each worked full time, while putting themselves through college. One became an attorney and finally a judge, while the other launched a thriving business.

They showed us how to get things done. They were tough and fearless. They organized. They delegated. They set goals and achieved them.

And they made dinner, did the laundry, washed the dishes…

Their refusal to let life’s unplanned predicaments unravel our family’s future is something with which most Latinos can identify. Our moms are the pillars around which our families are built.

Yet for whatever ever reason, Latina moms have not had media’s spotlight shine its glare on their lives. Until recently, Latina moms were an invisible demographic, completely overlooked by corporate America, politicians, and even our own Latino leaders. The needs of Latina moms to better take care of themselves and their families was not being addressed. is how we decided to change this.


The impact Latina moms will have on the economy, politics, and the very fabric of American culture will change our nation.

By providing the household decision-maker of the largest minority in America with smart, savvy, and culturally specific content, the site is more than an info-provider. aims to connect this as-yet-untapped group of like-minded moms with their equally smart and powerful counterparts—one another.

With an aspirational, empowering approach, helps Latina moms live smart, healthy, robust lives by reminding them that while they are moms, they are also women with needs and goals of their own.

Loaded with content from leading doctors, thinkers, authors, artists, professionals, and journalists, the site provides readers with expert commentary on everything from launching a new business, saving for college, putting you and the family on a diet that works, to knowing when enough is enough, and a spa day is in order.

The good that will emerge in families when Latina moms are better informed, inspired, and in touch with millions of other Latina moms, is an idea our talented staff of Latinas ponder every single day. The site was born of the best of intentions, and through it, optimism in our American future reigns.


My mom and aunt never whined or complained. They took life as it was, and pragmatically made the best decisions they could. We boys stayed out of trouble, went to college, became men, and lead productive lives. In so many ways, is one big ‘Thank You Note’ to them. Had our moms had a resource like this when raising our families, their lives might have been a little easier, less stressful, less solitary.

I know not to bet against a Latina mom on a mission.

She will always win.

If we collectively empower her to do so, we all win.

Rene Alegria is the founding CEO of Mamiverse Media, a company dedicated to providing empowering content for Latino families. Prior to this, he was the founding former Publisher and Editorial Director of Rayo/HarperCollins, the award-winning publishing imprint centered on giving voice to the Latino experience through books.


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