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VOXXI joins Face the Facts USA, a project of George Washington University, Introduces “100 Facts in 100 Days”





MIAMI, FL (July 30, 2012) – VOXXI, the premier site for independent analysis and commentary with a Hispanic focus, announced today that it joined forces with Face the Facts USA, a new nonpartisan, multi-platform content hub and civic engagement initiative dedicated to elevating the tone of national debate with provocative facts., a project of the George Washington School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA), will roll out one, new and revealing, myth-busting fact each day until the election.

“VOXXI is proud to join Face the Facts USA in increasing the awareness of key issues that affect US Hispanics, all presented in a straightforward, informative and didactic manner,” said Emilio C. Sanchez, president and editor-in-chief of VOXXI.

“With high quality, fair reporting coupled with powerful technology and social media tools, this initiative will allow us to open all kinds of discussions and debates. The Hispanic perspective of Face the Facts USA will make a mark during the media coverage of the 2012 elections,” he added.

The widespread misinformation on the Latino community’s many contributions to the history of this country create unnecessary tension. Face the Facts USA will help to elevate the debate in a constructive manner, providing American public opinion and Latino voters alike, with bipartisan facts that enable them to become better informed citizens.

“If we are going to cut through the noise and the negativity and have anything resembling a constructive debate in this country about our biggest challenges — jobs, the economy, health care, immigration, education — then we have to know what we’re talking about,” Frank Sesno, award-winning journalist, director of GW’s School of Media and Public Affairs, and chief executive of Face the Facts USA. It’s got to be more than just assertion, opinion and sound bites.  We have to start with the facts.  That’s what I hope we can do here — a one-a-day fact to round out our political diet just might make this a healthier country.”

Face the Facts USA uses pop culture-themed digital videos, lively infographics, and extensive social media to help voters become more informed on today’s most important topics such as the National Deficit, Jobs, Education, Immigration, the Environment, Life in America and many others.

In addition to VOXXI, Face the Facts USA is working with Google, YouTube, AmericaSpeaks and numerous online media and civic partners–including Atlantic Media, The Huffington Post, Newsmax, Digital First Media, Concord Coalition, SnagFilms and others–to deliver its facts to a broad and diverse audience.

About VOXXI:  VOXXI is the premier independent site for Hispanic news, analysis and commentary. VOXXI is committed to catapulting Latinos into the forefront of American dialogue by filling a void in mainstream media.