Monday, April 15, 2024

New PollTracker App Keeps Latino Voters Informed

A new PollTracker iPhone application developed by Dewey Digital and released by Talking Points Memo (TPM) will be a resource for politically-savvy individuals who want the latest polling data at their fingertips.

Latino voters will be able to use the Polltracker data to break down polls for the presidential race, congressional contests, governorships, and state issue contests by date demographic, or state-by- state. The number of Latino voters is projected to increase by 26% this year, up to 12.2 million, and 224,000 Latinos are eligible to vote this election. Latinos are mostly featured in the swing voter section of the PollTracker app, and are able to follow specific Latino candidates and their polling.

Josh Marshall of TPM highlights real-time notifications as another great feature of the app.

“Just choose the races you want to follow on the app and you’ll get notified the moment a new poll from that race is released,” says Marshall. “For me, finding out a day or even a few hours later that a big presidential poll came out isn’t good enough. I want to know right away. Like — gimme my crack! — right away. Maybe you feel that way about the Massachusetts or Missouri senate race. Or presidential polls in Ohio or Virginia or maybe that House race out West nobody but you is paying attention to. PollTracker mobile has you covered for all of them.”

He also has high praise for Dewey Digital, the app developers who built the iPhone app:

“Great programmers, incredibly shrewd about mobile and digital media and actually able to keep up with what was, in this case, an incredibly demanding client, us,” says Marshall. “We’re very happy with the result. And we thank them.”

You can download PollTracker for iOS devices at the iTunes App Store.

Poll Tracker by TPM Media