Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Latino Teen Drivers Affected Most by Texting and Driving

October 14th to October 20th has been designated as the 6th annual National Teen Driver Awareness Week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and Latino teens continue to lead as the group most affected by the biggest threat for teen drivers: texting and driving.

This year, the biggest threat for teen drivers has switched from drinking and driving to texting and driving, and Latino teens are number one in terms of deaths caused by car accidents. According to an article in Dallas News, more teens pass away from car accidents than homicide, suicide, and cancer combined.

As previously reported in an article in La Plaza, while 97% of teens admit that texting while driving is dangerous, an overwhelming 78% of Hispanic teens say that this practice has become common and acceptable amongst their friends.

Adult drivers who wish to help support the week by embracing the “Share, not scare” theme are encouraged to support teen drivers by focusing on the positive, engaging rather than offending, and empowering rather than scaring.

Companies such as AT&T have launched campaigns aimed towards safe drivers. The It Can Wait pledge to never text and drive has been taken by over one million drivers to date. Latinovations’ own Maria Cardona has taken this pledge as well.

“Life is so much more than a few words can express. Your friends can wait! #itcanwait #itcanwait,” said Quinion, a Teen from Washington, via Twitter.

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