Sunday, July 21, 2024

Latinos Less Likely to Receive CPR than Whites

Studies suggest that Latinos are 30% less likely to receive CPR in the case of an emergency than Whites due to a lack of knowledge on how to perform the procedure. Researchers found that every year, about 300,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest, and most don’t survive. Of these victims, 80% collapse in their own homes. Dr. […]

Latino Teen Drivers Affected Most by Texting and Driving

October 14th to October 20th has been designated as the 6th annual National Teen Driver Awareness Week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and Latino teens continue to lead as the group most affected by the biggest threat for teen drivers: texting and driving. This year, the biggest threat for teen drivers has switched […]

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day Highlights Problems still Prevalent in Latino Community

Today is the official designated National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, observed by a growing list of organizations and counties across the U.S. such as The Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA) and The Hispanic Federation. Events organized throughout the day focus on educating the Latino community on prevention methods, testing, and awareness of HIV. This year’s […]