Thursday, May 23, 2024

More Efforts to Be Made For Promoting Driving Safety

Texting and Driving
As the number of deaths and accidents while on the road seem to be increasing, there is more interest to address driving safety to families, with special focus toward Latinos.

According to the National Safety Council, 25% of annual driving accidents are related to texting while driving and 333,000 injuries are related to texting while driving. These statistics prove alarming since 54% of Latino teens admitted to engaging in texting while driving, and 52% of the Latino teens surveyed reported seeing their parents texting while driving.

And while this has been an ongoing issue with drivers and pedestrians for years, it is important to start addressing the message to Latinos since they are now the leading demographic in mobile phone use.

The “It Can Wait” campaign, launched by AT&T, is one form of outreach that is focused on educating individuals, with a special focus on teens. Efforts like these can help decrease the death toll rate and also help promote driving safety.

“Considering the Latino population skews more than 10 years younger than the rest of America and younger age groups lead the way in texting, it shouldn’t be a surprise,” says Jose Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. “What is surprising, however, is the tendency of Latino youth to text and drive compared to other segments of the population.”

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