Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Hispanic Media Perceives the Fate of Immigration Reform Lies in John Boehner’s Hands





In light of the Immigration Bill getting passed to the House of Representatives, Hispanic media has identified House Speaker John Boehner as the individual responsible for the fate of the comprehensive reform.

“Like it or not, the Hispanic media perceives that approving or rejecting immigration reform is in the hands of John Boehner. When you listen to local radio stations and even national media, most of us are concentrated on John Boehner,” said Jorge Ramos, a prominent anchor for Univision in an interview.

Even though Republicans are debating a different approach to comprehensive reform, Hispanic media suggests it will be tough for Republicans to avoid most or all the blame if it falls through.

“Truth or not, the message repeated constantly in the Hispanic media is that the approval of any kind of immigration reform in the House depends on Speaker Boehner,” Ramos denotes. “He is the man, Latinos know it, and won’t forget it.”

The Washington Post