Thursday, April 25, 2024

Donald Trump kicks out Univision anchor Jorge Ramos from press conference

The antagonistic relationship that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has commanded with Spanish-language media hit a breaking point Tuesday night, when he kicked out Jorge Ramos – often considered the most influential man in Latino media – from a press conference, but was later allowed to return after a series of lengthy exchanges. The dismissal […]

Hispanic Media Perceives the Fate of Immigration Reform Lies in John Boehner’s Hands

        In light of the Immigration Bill getting passed to the House of Representatives, Hispanic media has identified House Speaker John Boehner as the individual responsible for the fate of the comprehensive reform. “Like it or not, the Hispanic media perceives that approving or rejecting immigration reform is in the hands of […]

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Message to Latinos

In an interview with Univision’s “Al Punto” that aired Sunday, First Lady Michelle Obama told interviewer Jorge Ramos that comprehensive immigration reform has been “at the top” of her husband’s agenda, but, she pressed the Latino community for help to continue to move legislation such as the DREAM Act.  “There wasn’t one single Republican that […]

Gingrich Leads Conservative Outreach to Latino Voters

On the heels of the Republican sweep of the recent mid-term Congressional elections, the former head of House GOP members, Newt Gingrich, is trying to make inroads with one group of voters that rejected the conservative message – Hispanics. Last week, Gingrich’s newest venture,, a bilingual political blog, hosted its first annual conference in […]

Univision’s Jorge Ramos Says Republicans Have “Perfect Formula” to lose Hispanic Vote

In a blog Tuesday Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, a leading voice in the Hispanic community, said Republicans have concocted the “perfect formula” for losing the Hispanic vote for generations to come.  Ramos also warns Hispanics will not forget those lawmakers who have attacked them. “If Republicans want to lose election after election, for generations to […]