Monday, June 17, 2024

Highest Ranking Hispanic in Florida Fights Back Against anti-GOP Letter by Latino Celebrities

Days after a group of Latino celebrities, which included Carlos Santana, America Ferrera, George Lopez, and others, released an open letter to Latinos pleading them to go out vote against Republicans who have used fear-mongering tactics in regards to Latinos and immigration. Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, Florida’s highest ranking Latino elected official, responded in an open […]

Clinton Allies Form Group To Protect Latino, African-American Voting Rights

A new, $25 million organization called Every Citizen Counts (ECC) has been formed by several prominent Hillary Clinton allies to educate Latino and African-American voters about the choices they face in the 2016 election, impact of their vote and serve as an advocate against GOP policies in states across the nation that have sought to […]

In Last State of the Union, Legacy and 2016 To Dominate Obama’s Address

President Obama is set to deliver the final State of the Union address of his administration Tuesday night. When he enters the House Chamber to address a joint session of Congress, the Cabinet, Supreme Court Justices and the American people he will be hoping to solidify his legacy, and offer a more optimistic vision for […]

Comentarios from Maria: Who Is Tougher and More Manly

Last Week’s Republican debate was a contest reminiscent of a “Saturday Night Live” skit entitled “¿Quien es mas macho?” In Spanish that means who is tougher and more manly. Sadly, we need much more than a macho man or woman. In the case of the presidency, that would mean a leader focused on solutions, not […]

Clinton Launches ‘LGBT for Hillary’ Alongside Ricky Martin

This week, as polls show she is the preferred choice of some 56% of Democratic party members, Hillary Clinton launched ‘LGBT for Hillary,’ and initiative aimed at organizing LGBT voters for her presidential campaign and enlisted singer Ricky Martin and tennis legend Billie Jean King, two out celebrities, to roll out the new initiative on […]

Labor Secretary Endorses Clinton, Signaling Strong Support From Latinos, Labor

Hillary Clinton is set to receive the backing of a major union and Latino influencer on Friday in Iowa when U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, the third Obama Administration Cabinet official to do so, announces his endorsement of her campaign for president. In a statement, Perez said “progressives believe in making progress, which is why […]

GOP Withdraws From Latino Audiences Following CNBC Debate

The Republican National Committee (RNC), following last week’s CNBC debate in which Republican presidential candidates were asked about their policies on the economy and on taxation policy, has suspended future involvement with NBC News and its affiliates for what the RNC describes as a debate held and moderated in “bad faith.” Telemundo, the second-largest Spanish-language […]

Media “Bias” And The GOP Economic Debate

The third Republican presidential debate live from Boulder, Colorado and moderated by CNBC was a mess. The GOP contenders repeatedly criticized questions they did not agree with or could not answer as liberal and biased, and to be fair, some of them were, but not to the extent that some on the debate stage, most […]

Clinton Nabs Huge Latino Endorsement in Julian Castro

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner for the 2016 presidential nomination, fresh off her decisive victory in this week’s democratic debate in Las Vegas, made a big campaign stop in San Antonio, Texas on Thursday to receive the crucial endorsement of one of the nation’s most prominent and future leaders in the party, Housing and Urban […]

In Iowa, Growing Latino Population Prepares for Caucuses, and More

Like the rest of the United States, Iowa is in the midst of a demographic shift. While whites account for the overwhelming majority of the nation’s first caucus state, Latinos, now making up 6 percent of the Iowan population, have seen their numbers double since 2000. And as presidential candidates from both parties attempt to […]