Thursday, April 18, 2024

In Iowa, Growing Latino Population Prepares for Caucuses, and More

Like the rest of the United States, Iowa is in the midst of a demographic shift. While whites account for the overwhelming majority of the nation’s first caucus state, Latinos, now making up 6 percent of the Iowan population, have seen their numbers double since 2000. And as presidential candidates from both parties attempt to […]

Undocumented Workers Targeted by Iowa Bill

On Monday, an Iowa House panel approved an anti-immigration bill that would authorize individuals to report an employer they suspect of hiring undocumented workers. Adam Mason, the State Policy Director for Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, believes the bill is similar to the harsh anti-immigrant laws in Arizona and Alabama, and as in those states, […]

Comentarios from Maria Cardona: “A fight for the soul of the GOP”

Tuesday night’s tight contest for the top spot in the Iowa Republican caucuses reflects the ongoing tension that exists within the Republican Party. This struggle between the conservative religious voters — whose voice is strong and loud in Iowa and was represented by Rick Santorum — and the more moderate, mainstream voters, represented by Mitt […]

Anti-Immigration Group in Iowa Pushes for AZ-style Law

An anti-immigration group in Iowa by the name of the “Minuteman Patriots” has begun collecting signatures as part of a statewide petition to get the state legislature to pass a tough immigration law similar to Arizona’s SB 1070. On Saturday alone, the group collected 400 signatures outside a post office in Council Bluffs.  The group’s […]

“Sixth Sense” Congressman to Chair Immigration Committee

  Iowa Republican Steve King is slated to become the chairman of the US House subcommittee that oversees all immigration legislation. King, who well known for his staunch anti-immigrant stances and inflammatory remarks, has said he opposes the bi-partisan Dream Act.  Calling it a form of “amnesty”, he vows to use his position to block […]

GOP Candidates in Iowa Express Support of Anti-immigrant Measures at Latino Heritage Festival

The Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, stated her support of ending public education access to undocumented students on Saturday at the annual Latino Heritage Festival in Des Moines. Reynolds said that children who are undocumented immigrants should be denied access to public education.  She did not outright say she would work […]