Wednesday, July 24, 2024

CNN Correspondent Accuses White House of ‘Harboring Bias Against Latino Immigrants’

While speaking at Wednesday’s White House press briefing, CNN correspondent Jim Acosta accused the White House of harboring a “bias against Latino immigrants.” After getting into a heated exchange with senior adviser to the Trump administration Stephen Miller, Acosta claims the new Republican backed bill, designed to drastically curve immigration in favor of high skilled, […]

Comentarios from Maria: Why Hillary Clinton Dominated

            The Democratic debate was the reverse mirror image of the last two Republican debates. Since we are here on the Las Vegas Strip, I’ll just say it — this debate was an unabashed Policy Porn Extravaganza! It was high-minded, passionate, intense and focused on the issues and the contrasting […]

Recap: First Democratic Primary Debate

Hillary Clinton delivered a strong performance in last night’s first Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, giving a much-needed win to a campaign that had stalled in recent months. The former Secretary of State faced off against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, former Virginia Senator Jim Webb and former Rhode Island […]

2013 CNN Hero of the Year Awarded For River Cleanup Initiative

Chad Pregracke of Illinois was one of ten recipients of the 2013 CNN Hero of the Year awards for his dedication in cleaning up the Mississippi River and other waterways across the United States. “People want to see change and are stepping up to make change,” said Pregracke in a CNN video highlighting his work. […]

Latinovations Member Featured on CNN en Español Discussing Rise of Student Interest Rates

Latinovations’s very own Jose Aristimuno was featured on CNN en Español yesterday to discuss how doubling student interest rates would be devastating for Latino students. Because nearly 67% of Latinos rely on financial aid to pay for college, the increase of interest on Subsidized Stafford loans from 3.4% to 6.8% will affect many Latino students […]

Biden Delivers in Vice Presidential Debate against Ryan

In the first and only Vice Presidential debate held yesterday night in Danville, Kentucky, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan faced off enthusiastically on topics such as foreign policy, health care, and the economy. Latinos from both parties expressed satisfaction with their respective candidates. “[Biden] easily won the debate – he took control of the facts […]

Latinos Not At The Table

I hear it from Latinos all the time: One of the things they find galling about the mainstream media is when they turn on the television and four pundits are sitting at a table discussing Latinos or some issue that impacts Latinos—and there isn’t a single Latino present. The optics are terrible. Can you imagine […]

Comentarios from Maria Cardona: “On gay marriage, Latinos agree with Obama”

President Obama is indeed a profile in courage. He has made history yet again with his announcement that he supports full marriage equality for gay and lesbian Americans. Bravo, Mr. President. Now comes all the warnings and predictions of what this will mean for the election in November. One of those dire warnings is that […]

Comentarios from Maria: GOP’s ‘faux anger’ is all the rage

You would think that President Obama’s surprise trip to Afghanistan yesterday and speech to the troops would have quieted — at least for one night — the latest installment of the GOP’s “Faux Anger Chronicles.” While most of the president’s critics were silent or praised him for the trip, others didn’t disappoint in following along […]

Latinovations’ Own Maria Cardona Featured on ‘Brighton Living’

The latest issue of Brighton Living, a lifestyle magazine of the cutting edge upscale jewelry and accessories chain Brighton Collectibles, features a profile on Latinovation’s own Maria Cadona. To celebrate the launch of their new issue, you are invited to join Brighton Collectibles and Maria tonight, Wednesday April 4th, 2012 for a Facebook party, from […]