Saturday, July 20, 2024

Biden Delivers in Vice Presidential Debate against Ryan

In the first and only Vice Presidential debate held yesterday night in Danville, Kentucky, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan faced off enthusiastically on topics such as foreign policy, health care, and the economy.

Latinos from both parties expressed satisfaction with their respective candidates.

“[Biden] easily won the debate – he took control of the facts and showed that Romney and Ryan have not been giving specifics,” says Juan Sepulveda, Senior Advisor of Hispanic Affairs for the Democratic National Committee.

Vice presidential Republican candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, and current Vice President Joe Biden were passionate on their views and defending their party’s presidential candidate. Biden, however, was able to deliver more supporting facts to his arguments, and appeared firm and energetic.

Biden has a history with coming off strong, while still remaining likeable. As reported from CNN, Biden came prepared to argue, to debate, and to be himself.

“I thought Biden was on the whole stronger,” says Sylvia Mazano, political scientist for Latino Decision. She adds that she thought Ryan did very well, but that Biden seemed to have more command on facts on some issues like foreign policy.

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