Sunday, July 21, 2024

Comentarios from Maria: Why Hillary Clinton Dominated








The Democratic debate was the reverse mirror image of the last two Republican debates. Since we are here on the Las Vegas Strip, I’ll just say it — this debate was an unabashed Policy Porn Extravaganza! It was high-minded, passionate, intense and focused on the issues and the contrasting visions of the five Democratic candidates on stage.

Whether on income inequality, raising the minimum wage, reining in Wall Street, equal pay for equal work, college affordability or Black Lives Matter, the American people saw in the discussion of issues tonight why putting a Democrat in the White House would be better for the country and for the future of our children.

Bernie brought it. He was passionate and his supporters are likely elated. But he failed to expand his appeal sufficiently to a broader, more demographically diverse audience.

Hillary Clinton was head and shoulders above the rest in her command of policy, her foreign policy chops, for example, standing out against opponents, who could not match them. She was direct and passionate on the issue of the Wall Street banks, climate change and immigration reform.

She memorably addressed the importance of paid leave, as she underscored Republicans’ obsession with opposing government programs that would help women balance their lives, even as they are happy to have the government intrude when it comes to women and their bodies.

On all of these, she highlighted her progressive values.

She was also able to connect her knowledge of policy with a vision for her presidency, using personal stories to make the connection to voters. She did what she needed to do, and she did it with ease and at times with humor.

On the issue of Clinton’s email controversy, she handily addressed the question by apologizing again, admitting it was a mistake, and then, after the recent admissions by Rep. Kevin McCarthy, underscoring the naked political goals of the congressional committees set up to investigate what happened in Benghazi.

She should also send flowers to Sanders, who called out the email issue as a huge distraction for Americans eager to hear from the candidates on the issues that matter most to them. It was a great and gracious moment for him.

There was not a moment of personal contention on that stage tonight. Americans and especially Democrats should be very proud of what they saw and heard from the Democratic candidates. It wasn’t bean bag, but neither was it a clown car, or a side show that insults and belittles every American voters’ intelligence. Watch and learn GOP!

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