Sunday, April 21, 2024

Canadian-Born Ted Cruz Insists He’s Eligible To Be President

Is he or isn’t he? That is the question surrounding Canadian-born Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s constitutional eligibility to be president of the United States should he come out on top after a long primary season and win the GOP nomination. Cruz, born in Alberta, Canada to an American mother and Cuban father, renounced his citizenship […]

Obama Admits Immigration Reform Will Miss The August Deadline

          As House Republicans continue to draft a different approach to immigration reform, President Obama accepted that a complete immigration legislation repair will not be achieved by his original August deadline. “That was originally my hope and my goal,” Obama said. “But the House Republicans, I think still have to process […]

Guest Blogger Series: Maria Cardona “DREAM Act: First Big Step for GOP”

 This Op-Ed originally appeared in POLITICO. When I was invited to speak recently at the first Americano Forum – the effort hosted by former Speaker Newt Gingrich to reach out to conservative Latinos — I told the group that they had a long way to go with Latinos. There was unanimous agreement. I said a strong, […]

Attempt to Pass DREAM Act Fails

This afternoon, an attempt by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to get the US Senate to pass a bill originally sponsored by Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) commonly known as the DREAM Act failed by a procedural vote. With little time left on the legislative calendar before mid-term elections, Reid announced earlier this month that […]

Latino Democratic Candidates In Primary Contests Today

Voters are heading to the polls this morning in Arizona where the hot button issue of immigration has taken center stage throughout the campaign. The primaries for US Senate on both the Democratic and Republican sides have been grabbing national headlines.  Republican incumbent Sen. John McCain faces a fired up opponent, J.D. Hayworth, who has […]

Advocacy Groups in Arizona Call for Boycott of Budweiser Distributor Owned by Sen. McCain’s Wife

A coalition of pro-immigrant advocacy groups in Arizona will call for all Latinos in the state to boycott Sand Land Anheuser-Busch distributor Hensley & Co. this morning.  The company is owned by Sen. John McCain’s wife, Cindy Hensley McCain. In a press conference, Somos America, will announce the boycott citing the company’s support of political […]

Univision’s Jorge Ramos Says Republicans Have “Perfect Formula” to lose Hispanic Vote

In a blog Tuesday Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, a leading voice in the Hispanic community, said Republicans have concocted the “perfect formula” for losing the Hispanic vote for generations to come.  Ramos also warns Hispanics will not forget those lawmakers who have attacked them. “If Republicans want to lose election after election, for generations to […]

Partisan Group Claims Credit for Propelling States Considering Anti-immigration Laws

The group Americans for Legal Immigration political action committee (ALIPAC) claimed part of the credit today for the 22 states considering Arizona-like laws in their states. “Our ALIPAC activists have been working hard contacting state lawmakers in every state in America asking them to stand up with Arizona,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “We […]

Republicans Would Strip Rights of 340,000 Babies

  If Republicans were to have it their way, they would be the stripping the rights of 340,000 citizens simply because of who their parents are. A study released yesterday by the Pew Hispanic Center estimates that 340,000 of the 4.3 million babies born in the United States in 2008 were born to undocumented immigrants.  […]

Former Cheney Adviser Says GOP Will Lose Latino Vote

  A former domestic policy adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney says Republicans will alienate the Hispanic electorate in their quest to end birthright citizenship. “If the Republican Party embraces ending birthright citizenship, then it will be assured losing Latino and ethnic voters — and presidential elections for the foreseeable future,” said Cesar Conda. Faced […]