Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Author of Controversial Arizona Immigration Law Voted Out

Republican Russell Pearce, the president of the Arizona Senate and author of the harsh anti-immigrant law S.B. 1070, lost his seat in a special recall election yesterday. Pearce lost the race to fellow Republican Jerry Lewis, who captured 53% of the vote versus 45% for Pearce. His loss is being viewed as an upshot of hardline […]

Guest Blogger Series: Randy Parraz “Senator McCain – Uses one fire to start another”

Most recently Arizona has been in the national headlines because of the outbreak of wildfires.  At no time in our history have we ever experienced fires of this scale, that have consumed hundreds of thousands of acres and left many Arizonans without a home to return to.   So one would expect someone like Senator John […]

Sponsor of SB 1070 Law faces Recall

Thousands of Arizona citizens have signed a petition to recall the sponsor of the state’s controversial anti-immigrant law, SB 1070, state Senate President Russell Pearce. Fed up with Pearce’s divisive politics, the group Citizens for a Better Arizona filed its petition with the Arizona Secretary of State on Tuesday. “Today, citizens from Arizona have come […]

Bipartisan Coalition in Arizona wants to Remove Sponsor of SB 1070

Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce of Mesa, who became a household name last year for his role in sponsoring the controversial anti-immigrant SB1070 and supports denying citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants, is now the target of a recall by two different community groups. On Monday, Citizens for a Better Arizona organized, in part, by […]

Latino Democratic Candidates In Primary Contests Today

Voters are heading to the polls this morning in Arizona where the hot button issue of immigration has taken center stage throughout the campaign. The primaries for US Senate on both the Democratic and Republican sides have been grabbing national headlines.  Republican incumbent Sen. John McCain faces a fired up opponent, J.D. Hayworth, who has […]

Advocacy Groups in Arizona Call for Boycott of Budweiser Distributor Owned by Sen. McCain’s Wife

A coalition of pro-immigrant advocacy groups in Arizona will call for all Latinos in the state to boycott Sand Land Anheuser-Busch distributor Hensley & Co. this morning.  The company is owned by Sen. John McCain’s wife, Cindy Hensley McCain. In a press conference, Somos America, will announce the boycott citing the company’s support of political […]

Department of Justice Issues Warning as AZ’s Arpaio Served with Lawsuit

The self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America was threatened with a lawsuit by Justice Department officials if he does not cooperate with their ongoing investigation into allegations he discriminates against Hispanics. A federal grand jury in Phoenix is looking into allegations that Arpaio used his power to investigate and intimidate political opponents and that his office […]

Latino Candidate in Arizona Senate Race Embraces Innovative Strategy to Reach Voters

Latino candidate embracing mobile technology/new media in effort to reach AZ voters.  Randy Parraz, the only Latino Democrat for US Senate, launches “Text CHANGE to 44144” in innovative strategy that communicates messaging and links to fundraising opportunity.

Guest Blogger Series: Randy Parraz on “California Lessons to Bring Arizona Change It Needs”

Latinovations thanks Randy Parraz for his contribution to La Plaza.  Parts of today’s guest blog originally appeared in the Huffington Post. California Lessons Will Bring Arizona the Change It Needs Arizona has been in national headlines lately for all the wrong reasons.  I am sure you are as tired as I am about hearing the […]