Friday, July 19, 2024

Bipartisan Coalition in Arizona wants to Remove Sponsor of SB 1070

Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce of Mesa, who became a household name last year for his role in sponsoring the controversial anti-immigrant SB1070 and supports denying citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants, is now the target of a recall by two different community groups.

On Monday, Citizens for a Better Arizona organized, in part, by former Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Randy Parraz and chaired by Republican Chad Snow submitted a filing with Secretary of State Ken Bennett calling for Pearce’s removal.

The group Arizonans for Better Government, lead by DeeDee Blase of Somos Republicans, an organization       representing the interests of Hispanic Republicans, also filed paperwork with Bennett’s office last Thursday.

“We find Russell Pearce’s overt disdain for the United State’s Constitution to be indicative of his inability to govern as prescribed by his job description and the oath he took to regain his seat in the state Senate”, said Blase.

Both groups must gather 7,756 signatures by the end of May, but cannot combine signatures, though registered members of Pearce’s District 18 are able to sign onto both recall petitions.

Though Blase’s group did get a head start on filing paperwork, members of Citizens for a Better Arizona, rallied at the Capitol on Monday and submitted their recall application in person to the Secretary of State’s Office.

As reported in the Phoenix News Times, the grounds for CBA’s recall are broader than those given for Blase’s Arizonans for Better Government. CBA’s statement knocks Pearce for “his failure to focus on issues and concerns that affect all Arizonans,” demanding better representation on various issues.

CBA has also received thousands of dollars in pledged contributions and is set to begin organizing signature-gatherers.

“You don’t want to go forward unless you have people saying they’re going to help out,” Parraz said. “And there’s nothing worse than being part of an effort where there’s no funding.”

If the recall efforts are successful, it will force an election for Pearce’s Senate seat this upcoming fall.

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  1. Sólo que tenemos Randy Parraz (demócrata) y Chad Snow (republicano) que trabajan juntos por un mejor Arizona. ¿Qué significa este espectáculo? Tal vez que es posible que las personas de diferentes fuerzas políticas a trabajar juntos por lo que es mejor para nuestro estado? Mi oración es que este es el futuro de nuestro bello estado.

    • Still bibbong and weaving……My stance on non-racial issues doesn’t make me any less serious about Race than anyone else. You’re purposely obfuscating; that is the only thing that’s transparent. My mind isn’t hard-wired to solely function in Right/Left. The very fact that you are insinuating that a pro-Choice person can’t be pro-White is very telling of your overall character and underlying motives. Most non-racial issues that you deem to be “leftist” have ZERO impact in discouraging the empowerment of White people.I’ll answer practically anything you would like answered. Now, are you man enough to finally address the questions about your history of BS?