Friday, May 24, 2024

Latino Donors Come Together To Put Pressure on House Republicans Opposing Immigration Reform Bill

Latino Victory Project








A new political advocacy organization named The Latino Victory Project has designed a plan to spend up to $20 million on campaigns focusing on members of Congress who have good-sized Latino communities in their districts but oppose comprehensive immigration reform. The plan is designed to concentrate on next year’s midterm elections if Congress does not pass a bill.

Leaders of the group met last Friday in Washington DC to discuss how to move forward. “There was agreement in the room that if we don’t see action in the House, we know who we’re going after,” said Tom Snyder, the AFL-CIO’s immigration campaign manager.

The group is compiled of a network of Latino donors that has grown from the Futuro Fund, a fundraising committee that brought in more than $30 million for Obama’s reelection. The fund represented the strongest and most influential group of Latino’s to come together and generate money for a presidential campaign, to date.

Members of the group decided to spend an equal amount of money in each of the chosen districts. The campaign will begin in the coming weeks and will be aimed at persuading lawmakers to support an immigration measure this year. If that approach is not successful, the group plans to run radio and TV ads against the members next year.

“What we want to do with the Latino Victory Project is build political power in the Latino community, so that the faces of Latinos are reflected not just in every level of government but in the policies that drive the country forward,” said Cristobal Alex, a former program officer for the Ford Foundation who left his post to serve as president of the new group.

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