Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Comentarios From Maria: Latinos Will Vote For the Future of the Community


In 2012, we saw that the Hispanic vote tipped the political scale in favor of President Obama, and tomorrow, November 4th, we will witness how the Latino electorate could potentially play a decisive role in the results of the upcoming midterm elections – IF WE ALL GO OUT TO VOTE. Latinos must understand that there is a lot at stake during these elections and I am extremely proud of the almost 50 % of Latino voters that have indicated they will be participating in these elections in order to support and represent the Latino community, according to a Latino Decisions poll.

Despite what we may have seen in other polls regarding the ‘electoral insignificance’ of the Latino community, Matt Barreto, Latino Decisions’ cofounder, affirms that many of these surveys are simply wrong. In Alaska, North Carolina, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa and Kansas, the Latino voting population surpasses the projected margin of error to win a seat in the Senate. Therefore, anyone that has suggested that the Latino electorate is not sufficiently large enough to make a difference will find that the Latino vote will be absolutely critical in these tight races. In at least twelve gubernatorial races in states like Arizona, Florida and Rhode Island, the number of registered Latino voters has grown exponentially.

It is not a big secret that Latinos are frustrated with both parties and the partisanship that has crippled Congress and immigration reform. When the president announced his decision to delay executive action on immigration, our community was understandably disappointed. Yet we must remember that the president would not be in this predicament if republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives would have put politics aside and supported bipartisan Senate bill in 2013. Instead of finding a solution, republicans essentially destroyed any possibility of passing immigration reform this year, and they will continue to do so if they gain control of the senate.

According to the most recent Latino Decisions poll, 59% of surveyed Latinos said they were inclined to vote for a candidate of the Democratic Party. This is a clear sign that the Republican Party has solidified a negative reputation among Latinos. Our community has recognized that it cannot support a party that has turned their backs on Latinos time and time again.

Multiple aspects of these midterm elections differentiate themselves from previous elections, including the priorities of Latino voters. The majority of Latinos have stated that immigration is one of the most important issues for them and their communities during this electoral season. For many, this issue is personal; almost all of us know someone who lives in fear because they are undocumented. Thus, when you exercise your right to vote, remember your family, friends and the millions that still live in the shadows of our political system.

This Tuesday November 4th, join the 46 % of Latinos that are not just going to the polls to elect a candidate, but to vote for the future and prosperity of our community. Do not allow apathy or disillusionment to silence the voice of Latinos. Remember – your vote is your voice. ¡Sí se puede!

This piece originally appeared in Spanish in the Washington Hispanic.