Sunday, June 23, 2024

New York Times Asks for Repeal of Law Making Immigration Easier for Cubans

Cuba Flag

The New York Times Editorial page has called on the U.S. government to end its preferential treatment of Cuban immigrants under the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 which allows for an expedited process for accepting Cuban nationals that dates back to the height of the Cold War when undermining Cuban and Soviet governments was a top national priority.

The Times points out that the Cuban regime uses the policy as “a pretext to impose strict controls on its people and prevented the American government from conducting the type of thorough security vetting that all other immigrants receive.”

Saying that the policy has caused a refugee crisis in Latin America as many Cubans, fearing an end to policies such as the Cuban Adjustment Act and Wet Foot, Dry Foot should relations continue to normalize, try to reach the United States before stricter immigration measures are enacted.

Calling the policy an example of “the absurdity of America’s policy,” the Times also urges President Obama to strike a new pact with the Cuban government if Congress fails to act in a timely manner.


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