Sunday, April 21, 2024

Comentarios from Maria: The Most Memorable Moments for Democrats


In the spirit of this holiday season, let’s go over 2015 and the number one reason why Democrats believe that this was an exceptional year, with many gifts and political gain, because instead of spreading hope and joy, the Republican Party did nothing but instill fear in a constituency that needs leaders, not warmongers that feed anxiety and concern to the American people, only for their own benefit and political glory.

So let’s review the five most memorable moments or for Democrats in 2015 people:

Number 1. Record job creation: We have gone 69 consecutive months with job growth in the private sector, that’s quite a record- and the unemployment rate is down to 5 percent. Wages are beginning to rise and more people continue to get jobs because of Democratic policies.

Number 2. Donald Trump: As Donald Trump continues his dominance over the GOP field, his performance in the debates and at campaign appearances, in countless interviews, we have witnessed his diatribes and insults against large swaths of voters including women, nursing mothers, prisoners of war and veterans, and in his latest atrocity – insulting all Muslims in the country and around the world by supporting a policy that would deny US entry to any Muslim from abroad.

Number 3. Republican debates: With each GOP debate, the stark difference between Republican and Democratic candidates becomes more apparent. Trump continues to lead by huge margins at national level and in most state polls which shows that the Republican Party is not prepared to lead because their same old policies and demagoguery would take us back to the 19th century.

Number 4. Democratic debates: The debate between Democrats were substantive. With robust and passionate discussions about the policies that each candidate supports to boost the middle-class families and move our country forward. They understand the importance of growing an economy that works for everyone, of keeping Americans safe and secure, without fear or warmongering. The Democratic debates projected much more diversity and inclusion than their counterparts on the Republican side. Bipartisanship and understanding is what we need most at this particular moment in our history.

Number 5. Donald Trump: What else can I say? When I listen to many Republicans say that if Trump were to win the nomination of the Republican Party, would have no choice but to vote for Hillary Clinton, it becomes clear that the former TV star is really the best thing that could have happened to the Democrats this year.

Cheers to good health and for the millions of Americans and their families who benefited from the Democratic policies for which we struggle for each year.

I wish that 2016 is full of joy. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


This article originally appeared in the Washington Hispanic