Sunday, July 21, 2024

Latino Groups Push Open Internet

Latino Internet

The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) wants answers from the presidential candidates on their plans to solve issues of technology and media that effect Latinos. Candidates are being asked to respond to policy items in the 2016 Hispanic Public Policy Agenda. Goals include closing the digital divide, modernizing Federal Communications Commission programs and expanding the agency’s purview. With 40 Latino advocacy organizations backing the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda’s blueprint for public policy affecting Latinos.

Some of the highlighted plans in the agenda which impact Latino communities are improved broadband internet access, modernizing the FCC’s Lifeline program and making sure diversity remains important in media.

“This agenda, with broad support from the Latino community, confirms that closing the digital divide is of critical importance of people of color,” wrote President and CEO of the NHMC Alex Nogales in a statement.

“We need members of Congress, FCC commissioners and 2016 presidential contenders to realize that open and affordable access to communications is an urgently need,” he added.” Latino voters across the country will be pressuring politicians to articulate concrete next steps for communities of color to be heard online and on the airwaves.”

Access to affordable internet and devices needed to access it are still a major issue to Latino communities and other. The NHMC is encouraging presidential candidates to adopt plans that are outline in the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda which  would include solutions to closing the digital divide for all American by supporting the FCC’s efforts in extending phone service subsidy to cover broadband services, fund English and Spanish digital literacy programs, promote competition for internet and phone services in low price markets, and support high-speed internet infrastructure to improve connectivity for under-served areas.

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