Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Amid COVID19 crisis, AT&T commits $1.2 million to small businesses focused on distance learning

One of AT&T’s core values is to “be there when people need them”. As the world’s largest telecommunications company, their response to the COVID-19 pandemic is rooted in that belief.

“Our country is grappling with an unprecedented challenge,” said Randall Stephenson, Chairman and CEO of AT&T Inc. “Now more than ever before, connecting people with the resources they need to maintain a sense of normalcy is paramount.”

That is why the company has decided to support families and educators by committing $1.2 Million to Small Businesses Focused on Distance Learning Solutions. After the announcement was made, Latino organizations and Latino leaders at the nation’s capital showed their support and praised AT&T’s decision.

“Kudos to AT&T for committing $1.2 million to small businesses focused on distance learning solutions for the millions of students who are unable to attend school in person because of COVID-19. Check out these cool solutions” tweeted Brent Wilkes, Senior Vice President, Institutional Development for the Hispanic Federaation. Another prominent leader who reacted to the news was Amy Hinojosa, President and CEO of MANA A National Latina Organization, who thanked AT&T and shared the information on the organization’s official twitter. “See how AT&T continues to support Families & Educators with investments in distance learning solutions” she tweeted.

As millions of students shift to distance learning because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses focused on education are critical to ensuring that transition is successful, however small businesses are facing growing economic uncertainty. Nationwide, about 25% of them – those with fewer than 250 employees – are in “immediate risk”1 of closing. That’s 2 million small businesses, employing about 27.5 million Americans.

To support the work these companies do, AT&T is providing $1.2 million in contributions from the company’s “Distance Learning and Family Connections fund” to 7 AT&T Aspire Accelerator alumni companies from across the country. They include Boddle, CareerVillage, CommonLit, LiftEd, ListenWise, LitLab and TalkingPoints.

This is not the only measure the company is taking. In order to help keep families connected during this uncertain time, AT&T is also funding free access and unlimited use of Caribu through May 24. Caribu is a video-calling app that allows family members to read, draw, and play games with one another while in distant locations. The first contribution from the Fund was $1 million to the Khan Academy.