Friday, May 24, 2024

DNC Announces New $500k Bilingual Ad Campaign for Hispanic Heritage Month

On Thursday, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced a $500,000 ad campaign for Hispanic Heritage Month in Spanish and English.

The campaign will include ads on Spanish-language radio stations and print, as well as bilingual digital ads.

“The Hispanic and Latino community is an important thread of the fabric of the American story and we have so much to celebrate this Hispanic Heritage Month,” Jaime Harrison, DNC Chairman, said.

This investment complements the seven-figure campaign announced by the DNC this Spring as part of the committee’s 2022 Latino outreach program, called “Adelante.”

The attention is driven by demographic growth, as Latinos are one of the fastest-growing ethnic minorities in the United States.

This also comes at a time when districts all over the country where Latino voters — and candidates — could decide what the next Congress looks like.

According to a recent NALEO poll, 84% of registered Latino voters are either certain or likely to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. When it comes to the House of Representatives, 52% of Latino voters are decided or leaning toward the Democratic candidate in their district, while 35% are leaning toward the Republican.

On the Senate side, 50% of Latino voters are siding with Democrats, while 35% are leaning toward Republicans.

“Latino and Hispanic leaders spur our nation’s progress forward — from grassroots movements all the way up to President Biden’s historic cabinet, each day America is made stronger by the contributions of the Latino community and Hispanic Heritage Month is a special opportunity to celebrate,” stated Iris Martinez, the DNC’s Hispanic Caucus chair.

The Hill