Saturday, April 20, 2024

Texas Sheriff Opens Criminal Investigation into Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Actions to Relocate Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

On Monday, a Texas sheriff announced that his office has opened an investigation into Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ actions to move nearly 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, last week.

The Bexar County Sheriff, Javier Salazar, clarified that the investigation is in its early stages and declined to name any possible suspects. However, he has claimed that: “Everybody on this call knows who those names are already.”

Furthermore, Salazar is not sure whether any laws have been broken but he claims the migrants appeared to have been “lured under false pretenses” to stay in a hotel for a few days, after which they were flown to Florida and subsequently Martha’s Vineyard.

“They were promised work. They were promised the solution to several of their problems,” he stated.

He also claimed a recruiter was paid a “bird dog fee” to gather around 50 migrants from a San Antonio migrant center. Most asylum-seekers are Venezuelans feeling an authoritarian regime.

Several immigration advocates and lawyers have called for a criminal investigation into DeSantis’ move to relocate migrants under a $12 million program aimed at relocating undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities.

DeSantis and his administration have previously denied breaking any laws and in a press conference, he said he wanted to spend every penny on the program.

The League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC, has offered a reward of $5,000 for information that leads to the identification of the person who misled the migrants.

“We are disgusted. We’re doing everything we can to make sure this does not repeat again,” said Tessa Petit, co-Executive Director of The Florida Immigrant Coalition.

NBC News