Tuesday, February 7, 2023

US Census Brief details Hispanic Population

The Hispanic population in the U.S. accounted for more than half of the total population growth in the country outpacing other demographic groups, according to a U.S. Census Bureau brief released last week. The Census brief, Hispanic Population: 2010, shows that the Hispanic population grew by 43 percent, or at a rate of four times […]

Hispanics Become Largest Minority Group in Metro Areas

The 2010 Census figures indicate increased diversity from 366 metro areas in the U.S. and showed that Hispanics now outnumber the number of blacks, becoming the largest minority group in 191 metro areas. The data is significant because it could influence the political maps that are drawn during the restricting process and possibly shift the […]

Guest Blogger Series: Esther Aguilera “The Urgency of Latino Education Attainment”

Reflecting on the 2010 Census results and the dramatic increase in the U.S. Latino community, I ask myself how we once again find ourselves in the same predicament as ten years ago, with no national sense of urgency to fix Latino education when it has significant implications for our future workforce. Even though the last […]

New Jersey Mulling over how to Better Represent Hispanics in Redistricting

New Jersey was one of the first states to receive its redistricting data and as such, is ahead of the pack in redrawing its districts.  It is also now taking the first crack at how to best represent the Hispanic population in the state. The state is deliberating over two approaches.  The first, “packing” would […]

Guest Blogger Series: Arturo Vargas: “Time to Stand Up and Be Counted”

We are witnesses today to an historic period in the civic engagement of Latinos in the United States. Latinos have become a permanent fixture of the American political experience, and the Census is an integral part of that. Every issue – healthcare, the economy, jobs, funding for schools, hospitals and roads — is affected by […]

U.S. Census Forms Arrive in the Mail

More than 120 million U.S. census forms will begin arriving in mailboxes around the country this week. This decade population count will be used to determine congressional districts and allocate more than $400 billion in federal aid. Census Bureau director Robert Groves kicked off the national mail-in campaign in Phoenix on Monday, urging cities and […]

Minorities will soon be the Majority

According to a new demographic report, minorities make up nearly half the children born in the U.S.  This is part of a historic trend in which whites of European descent are expected to become the minority of the U.S. population over the next 40 years. “Census projections suggest America may become a minority-majority country by […]

Obama to Nominate Census Director

President Obama intends to nominate University of Michigan professor Robert M. Groves today to serve as the next Census director. The long-anticipated announcement was made after Commerce Secretary Gary Locke completes his first full week on the job. If confirmed, Groves faces looming managerial and political concerns surrounding the 2010 Census. The bureau received $ […]

Commerce Secretary Speaks about Importance of Accurately Counting Hispanics in the 2010 Census

On Wednesday, the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), Univision Inc., the League of United Latin American Citizens and SEIU announced a grassroots campaign in Washington entitled, “Hágase Contar!” an effort to help advertise the 2010 Census to  the Hispanic community, An estimated 1 million Hispanics were missed in the last census. […]

Census Bureau to Launch Ad Campaign to Reach Minorities

In an article today  the Washington Post reports that the Census Bureau is planning on launching a $250 million promotional campaign to encourage participation in the 2010 Census amidst the fears that millions of minorities will be overlooked. More than half of the funds that will go to advertising will go across traditional and social […]