Saturday, February 24, 2024

Guest Blogger: Vanessa Cardenas “Latino Communities Can Bring Earth Day to New Heights”

As we celebrate the 46th anniversary of Earth Day, we are reminded of the urgent need for action to address the environmental challenges facing our nation and our world. Latinos have an important role to play given the impact environmental degradation has on our community here in the US but also on our ancestral homes. […]

Guest Blogger Series: Lillian Rodríguez López “Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Energy: Mobilizing Around Climate Change to Demand Healthy and Prosperous Communities”

Latinos are at the front lines of climatic destruction and environmental degradation, yet we are underrepresented in the public debate on climate change and global warming.   Today is Earth Day, and it is an opportunity for Latinos throughout the U.S. and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to galvanize around an issue that affects public health, […]

Elsa Ramirez “Celebrating Earth Day and what it means for the Latino Community”

I grew up in a Texas border town along the Rio Grande River and learned early on about the value of preserving our natural resources. Irrigation transformed the Valley in South Texas and made it an important agricultural center in the state, but this also serves to underscore the importance of conserving our valuable and […]