Thursday, June 20, 2024

Harvard Latino and Black Admissions Drop, While Asian American Admits Rise After Lawsuit That Alleges Harvard of Race-Conscious Admissions

Harvard University had admitted a record number of Asian American students to its class of 2027, which has experts wary of considering the drop in admissions of most other minority groups. It comes as the Supreme Court continues deliberations on a lawsuit against Harvard alleging race-conscious admissions discriminate against white and Asian students. In a […]

Latinos are twice more likely than Whites to want the COVID-19 Vaccine, but cites fear barriers

According to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation, unvaccinated Latinos are two times more likely than Whites to want the COVID-19 vaccine. However, Latinos surveyed raised several concerns including having to pay for the vaccination and having to provide information about one’s immigration status, showing that there needs to be more information that […]