Saturday, June 19, 2021

DACA Recipients, Families, and Advocates Push for Permanent Immigration Status

Both, local and national immigrant rights groups made a promise to mark the 9th anniversary of the   Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program benefiting thousands of immigrants who arrived in the country as children. These young people who benefit from the program might not celebrate DACA’s 10th year anniversary. Adonais Arevalo, Director of Poder […]

Orlando’s LGBTQ Latino Community is Healing & Mobilizing 5 Years After the Pulse Massacre

Joel Junior Morales moved to Orlando a few years before the Pulse massacre in search of “his people”, LGBTQ people and Latinos. He found them but Orlando’s queer community at that time was less visible. He frequented Pulse, a beloved gay nightclub known for drag shows and Latin Nights. The bar was one of the […]

Latino lawmakers in California rebuke Harris for saying ‘do not come’ to migrants

Vice President Harris triggered blowback on the left this week for saying “do not come” to Latin American people thinking about migrating to the United States. Critics say that Harris was discouraging lawful migration. The California Latino Legislative Caucus released a statement saying, “seeking asylum in the United States is not only legal but a […]

Ground Braking Movie ‘In the Heights’ Rejects Old Latino Movie Tropes

Lin- Manuel Miranda was only 19 when he first wrote what he called “a very bad musical” that saw only five notes make it into the final version of the “In the Heights”, which won four Tony Awards following its Broadway premiere in 2008. Now, after a long journey to get the right studio to […]

Vice President Harris Defends to Not Visit The Border

In an interview earlier this week, Vice President Kamala Harris defended her decision not to visit the U.S.- Mexico border despite the humanitarian crisis. She said that her focus on the root causes of migration is the key to stemming the flow of undocumented immigrants. During the interview she stated, “We have to understand that […]

Supreme Court Rules Against Immigrants with Temporary Status

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that thousands of people living in the U.S. for humanitarian reasons are not eligible to apply for a green card. Justice Elena Kagan wrote that federal immigration law prohibits people who entered the country undocumented and have Temporary Protected Status (TPS) from becoming permanent residents. The designation […]

Dianne Morales Bets on Progressive Vision in Run to Become New York’s First Latina Mayor

New York City’s Mayoral candidate, Dianne Morales, visited the nation’s largest cooperative housing development in the Bronx on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. In an interview Morales said, “We haven’t really changed the systems that made it possible for George Floyd to be murdered. It’s so important, because of this moment in time, for […]

Nellie Gorbea Becomes the First Latina In New England to Run for Governor

Rhode Island’s Secretary, Nellie Gorbea, Becomes the First Latina In New England to Run for Governor Rhode Island Secretary of State, Nellie Gorbea, is the first Latina to run for governor in New England. If she wins, Gorbea would also be the first Puerto Rican governor in the mainland. Gorbea has already made history in […]

ICE will Close Two Problematic Detention Centers in Georgia & Massachusetts

The Biden administration has decided to close Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers in Georgia and Massachusetts due to allegations of abusive treatment of immigrants. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas instructed ICE to terminate its contract with the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office and transfer migrant detainees out of the C. Carlos Carreiro Immigrant Detention […]

Latinos are twice more likely than Whites to want the COVID-19 Vaccine, but cites fear barriers

According to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation, unvaccinated Latinos are two times more likely than Whites to want the COVID-19 vaccine. However, Latinos surveyed raised several concerns including having to pay for the vaccination and having to provide information about one’s immigration status, showing that there needs to be more information that […]