Sunday, January 24, 2021

President Biden Suspends Deportation for 100 Days & Pauses “Remain in Mexico” Policy for Asylum Seekers

On his first full day in office as President, Biden announced two important immigration policy changes. The first policy change was the 100-day pause on deportations And the second one was that asylum seekers who attempt to enter the U.S. will no longer be part of a  policy enacted under former President Trump that forced […]

Biden Places Cesar Chavez Among America’s Heroes in Oval Office

The Oval Office décor rapidly changed after President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday. Frames featuring people like Andrew Jackson were quickly replaced with portraits of the Founding Fathers and civil rights leaders such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. Among the new displays is Mexican American farm labor leader Cesar Chavez. In the […]

Biden Sworn in as President, calls on Americans to End Political Division

Today, Joe Biden, the 46th President of the U.S., gave his inaugural speech at the Capitol, which just two weeks ago was attacked by domestic terrorists. Amid a devastating global pandemic and a threat of possible domestic terrorism, Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.  During his inaugural speech he […]

Biden Plans to Announce a New Immigration Bill with 8- year Path to Citizenship

President- elect Joe Biden plans to announce a new immigration bill on day one of his administration. This new immigration bill seeks to provide an 8-year path to citizenships for 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., this is a huge change compared to Trump’s harsh immigration policies. The legislation places Biden on track […]

Two Republican Latinos Voted to Impeach Trump

Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington and Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio were among 10 Republican members who voted to impeach Trump because he incited a riot in the Capitol. When interviewed, Rep. Herrera stated, “The President of the United States incited a riot aiming to halt the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to […]

Kamala Harris Teases Biden Administration Immigration Priorities

The upcoming administration, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President- elect Kamala Harris, will focus their term in office in decreasing  wait times to obtain citizenship, granting automatic green cards to protected undocumented immigrants and adding immigration judges to decrease backlogs on court hearings. During an interview, Harris mentioned an immigration reform bill that her and […]

Trump’s Second Impeachment; How Does the Process Works?

After a domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol incited by President Trump, the House of Representatives is currently preparing to impeach Trump for a second time after less than a year of his first impeachment. Many are asking themselves if Trump can be impeached for a second time. The Constitution gives broad leeway to the […]

Cuba Declared as a State Sponsor of Terrorism by the U.S.

On Monday, the Trump administration declared Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism. This is an attempt aimed at undoing the Obama-era legacy of opening U.S relations with Cuba just days before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, stated “The Trump Administration has been focused from the start on denying the Castro […]

Black & Latino Residents Feared for Their Safety Amid Capitol Riots

As domestic terrorists breached the Capitol, Bryan Campion-Thompson watched in horror as the city he was born and raised in fell siege. As sirens blared past his apartment on Massachusetts Avenue, Campion grew increasingly frightened by what was happening. Supporters of President  Trump yelled insults and chanted “four more years” refusing to leave despite a […]

UPS Driver Fired After Making Racist Comments When Delivering to a Latino Household

While delivering a package to a Latino household, a UPS driver went on a racist rant days before Christmas. The video was caught by the home’s doorbell camera, which shows a white man wearing a UPS uniform on the porch holding a package and writing what appears to be a “failed to deliver” note. In […]