Sunday, January 17, 2021

President Obama Removes Cuba From Terror List

President Barack Obama has signaled his administration’s intent to remove Cuba from the State Department’s list of State Sponsors of Terrorism in a letter to Congress, taking another step towards normalizing relations with the island nation only 90 miles south of the United States. Speaking at a press conference regarding his face to face discussion […]

As Summit kicks off, prospect of Obama-Castro meeting draws hype, skepticism

Just one day after Secretary of State John Kerry and Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez held the highest-level meeting between the two nations in more than 50 years, the Summit of the Americas, kicking off today in Panama, will play host to a hugely hyped, potential encounter between Presidents Obama and Raúl Castro of Cuba. […]

Summit of the Americas: Cuba, Venezuela to frame the agenda

The U.S. government has hoped that the olive branch it extended to Cuba in December would reshape its image in the eyes of Latin American leaders, who have oft perceived the U.S. attitude toward the region as patronizing and high-handed. Friday’s Summit of the Americas in Panama, the seventh such meeting of up to 35 […]

As Cuba opens up, Cuban-Americans weigh in

The Obama Administration’s decision in December to normalize relations with Cuba initially sent shockwaves throughout both the U.S. and the Cuban-Americans who call the States their home, after a half-century hiatus from diplomatic relations. Speculation that the gamble would spur radical outrage has simmered in the face of sensibility, where a slight majority of Cuban-Americans, according to […]

Rep. Nancy Pelosi leads congressional delegation on diplomatic mission to Cuba

In an ongoing effort to normalize diplomatic relations with the long-estranged island nation, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and a coalition of congressional Democrats headed to Cuba yesterday to build on the strategies and initiatives introduced by President Obama in December. This marks the second trip since the Jimmy Carter administration in which a high-ranking […]

For some Cuban Americans, new travel changes don’t change much

As decades of trade and travel restrictions on Cuba draw to a close today, for some Cuban Americans, the impact of the relaxed restrictions is hardly impactful.  Though the new rules allow Americans to travel to Cuba more freely for approved reasons, the new provisions for Cubans living in America – increased quarterly remittances from […]

American Alan Gross Released from Cuban Prison After Five Years

After five years in a Cuban Prison, American Alan Gross was released today following a year of intense negotiations to bring Gross back to the United States.  His imprisonment has been a considerable barrier for U.S. officials working to improve relations with Cuba but his release is expected to alleviate some of the tension and […]