Wednesday, June 12, 2024

‘Burbs may be Obama base; Latino-rich communities, not so much

Obama’s Challenge with Hispanics continues to be a hot topic of discussion…

They are a group he will probably want to focus on in the coming months.Obama may have his hardest sell, however, with Hispanic voters like those who make up much of Immigration Nation. The Illinois senator won only 37 percent of voters in those places; more tellingly, he lost them not only in the primary states but in caucus states, too.

Through the nomination season, the Obama campaign proved to be a master at organizing in caucus states. He beat Clinton among all 11 community types in the caucuses except for Immigration Nation counties, where Clinton beat him handily.

Obama’s trouble in those counties could prove significant in the West, in places like New Mexico and Nevada that figure to be battleground states. It may suggest a hole he will want to try to fill in coming months, possibly even in the selection of his running mate.Next Monday, a breakdown of the primary vote for Sen. John McCain

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  1. Princess Blanca says

    Obama will automatically pick up a certain percentage of the Hispanic vote simply because he is the Democratic nominee and the party has long proven itself to be the party of the Latino community. However, he and all Democrats will have to work together in unity to motivate Latinos to turnout in the same numbers they did during the primary. Senator Clinton’s involvement will be key as will efforts by key Democratic campaigns for down ballot elections such as Senate and House races to motivate the electorate.

  2. However, McCain would need to a Hispanic voter turnout rate equal to George Bush’s in order to make up for the lack of enthusiasm in his own party. Just not looking likely to happen.

  3. I agree with Pepe!

  4. Thanks Mimi!

  5. Princess Blanca says

    But, John McCain will be recognized in the Hispanic community for all of his positive work on immigration.

  6. Princess Blanca says

    But, won’t McCain get a lot of credit for all of his work on immigration reform.

  7. won’t be enough. Hispanics care about more than the immigration issue.