Thursday, July 18, 2024

Arizona Hispanic Birthrate Decreases Following Controversial Immigration Law

According to the Arizona Republic, the Arizona Department of Health Services has announced that the number of Hispanic women giving birth in Arizona is declining.

Since 2007, the number of Hispanic births is down 16 percent, compared to a decrease of only 5 percent for White mothers.

Patricia Adams, Assistant State Registrar for Vital Records at the Department of Health Services said, “Hispanic women is the population that shows the greatest decrease in that two year span.”

The year 2007 had 102,697 births which was a record number but in the last two years the number had declined 10 percent.

Experts believe the economic recession and the crackdown on illegal immigration in Arizona is a big reason for the decrease in the birthrate.

Gloria Sanchez, a Latina waiting to get a birth certificate at the Department of Health Services, says that “A lot of people are leaving the state. They’re scared about getting deported and leaving their families behind so they’re taking off with their families.”

There has been a 15 to 20 percent decrease in mother’s giving birth in the last year at Maricopa Medical Center. Midwife Sam Hanson says, “Where we used to see 20 plus patients a day, we are now seeing half that in the clinics.”

Hanson mentioned when word spreads that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is conducting “immigration sweeps” – “all of a sudden half of our patients won’t show up that day.”

The Arizona Health State and Vital Statistic 2008 report states that there could be a unique state factor contributing to Arizona’s decline. It says, “It is important to note that Hispanics, unlike any other race/ethnic group in the State, faced in 2008 not only the economic recession (shared by all), but also additional challenges such as the employer-sanction law (a penalty on employers hiring illegal immigrants), and a widespread practice of e-verify (a database for verify legal-residence status of those seeking employment),”

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  1. I am not shocked! Of course people without papers are going to go to another state to give birth.

  2. I have seen this coming for awhile.

  3. I blame Gov. Jan Brewer.

  4. Jeff Fusselman says

    Maybe New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, President Obama and the delegation from Mexico would like to explain to me why I have no legal recourse against the illegal alien that crossed the double yellow line and ran my wife down on her motorcycle while driving his employers truck on NM 337 on May 8th at 3:30 PM about 5 1/2 miles South of Tijeras, NM.

    Maybe Gov. Richardson can explain why the Bernallio County Sherriffs on site threw up their hands and said “We can’t touch him” when his name (Cruz Hernandez-Carrasco) didn’t match his SS number. Maybe they can explain why they allowed him to change the destroyed tire on his employers (Ramon O. Gonzales) Dodge dually truck and drive away after my wife was transported to the trauma center at UNM Hospital in Albuquerque, NM without giving him so much as a field sobriety test or breathalizer. He didn’t even get a ticket.

    Maybe they can all decide who will cover the medical expenses that have accrued to this point and will continue to accrue for the rest of her life. Then they can go to the skilled nursing facility in Albuquerque that my wife is in and explain it all to her.

    Maybe some gov’t official can explain to me why this worthless illegal was in the country at all.

    This is the price American citizens pay for illegal immigration.