Friday, July 19, 2024

Hispanic GOP Group Supports Arizona Immigration Law

Arizona Watch

The Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) has filed a motion in federal court to intervene with the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against SB 1070.   Jesse Hernandez, chairman of ALRA and the son of legal immigrants, says that immigration is a states’ right issue.

Hernandez said, “I’m challenging the Obama administration first and foremost. As a state, when the government fails to do their job, the state has the right to protect its boundaries and its citizens. It’s shameful that the Obama administration is wasting all these resources attacking legislation that is following standard immigration law.”

Some conservative Latinos have begun to express their support of the controversial new law openly. Hernandez says that many in favor are immigrants or children of immigrants who came to the United States legally and became citizens. He adds, “When they became natural citizens, you could not believe the joy and happiness. They had to work for it; it was an ambition. It’s like getting a college degree.”

AZ State Rep. Steve Montenegro was the only Latino lawmaker to vote in favor of SB 1070.   He credits his legal entry into the United States at the age of 18 as proof that current immigration laws work.

ALRA’s move to support the immigration law has sparked Hernandez to receive threatening phone calls and hate mail from other Latinos. He has tried to explain that his parents are from Mexico and he was born in Nogales but many cannot comprehend his support of SB 1070.

National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) Executive director Arturo Vargas said he was not surprised, “They represent the minute minority of the individuals in the Latino community. Poll after poll, survey after survey of the Latino population shows near unanimity in opposition of the law.”

A recent LatinoMetrics poll found that eight in 10 Latinos disapprove of SB 1070.



  1. It is a shame that we can’t stick together on this issue.

  2. Not all Hispanics think the same Javi. My family came here legally and had to wait 7 years to come to the States from Ecuador. Why should we make exceptions?

  3. Bernice: It’s great that your family was able to get here legally, but some people don’t have 7 years to wait…their families are literally depending on them for the barest of sustenance…this is why we need comprehensive immigration reform…IMPORTANT POINT: A lot of immigrants I would even say most don’t want to permanently settle here…they want to be together with their families and love their homeland…all they ask for is a temporary worker program where they could come here to make some money doing jobs AMERICANS DO NOT WANT…and then go back home to be reunited with loved ones.

    Shame on that Latino GOP group!!!

  4. Soy republicana pero en contra de la ley en Arizona..creo que causará mucha discriminación. Tengo mucho miedo.