Friday, April 19, 2024

Arizona Immigration Law Makes an Economic Impact

Although many of the controversial provisions of Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law were halted until November, the law has already had impact economically on the state.

Many organizations and states issued official boycotts on Arizona. According to The Arizona Republic, fewer companies and organizations are choosing the state as a place to host of conventions and meetings because of the anti-immigrant sentiment associated with SB 1070.

Debbie Johnson, chief executive of Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association stated the estimated loss in revenue from 40 lost conventions equals around $ 15 million.

USA Today has reported lower numbers of enrollment at elementary schools, while Reuters said that many immigrants are selling items at yard sales before fleeing the state.

Marc Rosenblum, senior policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute said, “We’ve definitely seen some anecdotal evidence that people are leaving, not just unauthorized immigrants but probably some legal immigrants as well.”

He adds, “Businesses are feeling an impact, both because they may find a shortage of workers but also a shortage of customers.”

Mary Moreno, a spokeswoman for Center for Community Change said that Arizona has been set back the state in terms of its reputation.

Washington Independent


  1. I don’t agree with any boycott. It is just hurting Latinos in Arizona….and immigrants. People will lose their jobs if the economy is failing. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

  2. Unfortunately this is what it will take to get people to listen. It’s not until someone’s wallet gets hurt that they start caring.

  3. I just left Arizona and support the boycott. I am third-generation Mexican-American but could not put up with the discrimination and anti-immigrant sentiment. I am now staying with my cousins in LA until everything clears up.

    • Barbara —

      I don’t understand why you would even consider going back to Arizona, given what you have had to put up with. Screw Arizona, let ’em starve in the collapsing ruins of their economy. Why go back to the same abuse, discrimination and anti-immigrant / anti-Hispanic hatreds you left behind?


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