Monday, June 17, 2024

Study Shows Major Impact of Immigrants in Georgia

A study released last week by the Immigration Policy Center shows that immigrants in Georgia have a positive effect on the economy of the state.

The nonpartisan, Washington-based research group often provides information to Congress.  This time that information revealed that in Georgia, immigrants are responsible for expansion of the economy and job growth.

Immigrants contribute about $9.4 billion of the roughly $320 billion that make up the state’s economy, according to several experts.  Additionally, immigrants pump between $215 million to $253 million into the state’s purse via sales, income and property taxes.

In the workforce, immigrants account for about 6.3 percent of the total number, but in the state’s largest industry, agriculture, they account for nearly half of all workers.  One study done by Americans For Immigration Reform showed that if all undocumented immigrants were to leave Georgia, the state would lose $21.3 billion and lose an estimated 132,460 jobs.

The immigration debate is no stranger to Georgia.  Just as in the rest of the country, the issue of immigration has taken center stage in politics.  The gubernatorial candidates have made immigration a debating point.  A recent poll of Georgia voters by the Georgia Newspaper Partnership showed that a majority of them would support an Arizona-style law.

Jerry Gonzalez, executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, says that any measure that might spur an immigrant exodus from Georgia would have “very severe” economic consequences.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution


  1. Hispanics are the growing minority in many places such as North Carolina and Georgia. These have not been traditional Latino places. Thanks for writing about this.



  2. This is the case all over the country not just in this one state…immigrants contribute a lot to local economies everywhere.

  3. They are taking our jobs.

  4. Hank- I am appalled at your ignominious statement. Immigrants do the work that nobody else wants to do and contribute to our society and ECONOMY. Are you Native American…because last time I checked- this was a country made up of IMMIGRANTS.

  5. I actually am Irish- American (My grandfather came to the States). I appreciate diversity but people need to follow the laws.

  6. This issue is not as black and white as to just simply say “follow the law”…its not as simple as that Hank. People are trying to survive and feed their families…would you just simply “follow the law” if your family was in danger of starving to death?…plus immigrants take jobs Americans DO NOT WANT…that is a proven fact! We need the labor and they need to make a living!