Monday, June 17, 2024

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Botches Debate

Gov. Jan Brewer stumbled through her opening statement and refused to recant previous claims of beheadings in the state during a debate last week in Arizona’s gubernatorial race.  Brewer now claims she was referring to beheadings in Mexico.

Brewer appeared lost at times during her opening statement, looking down and pausing for several moments, her nervous laughter filling the uncomfortable silence.  It didn’t get any better for the governor as the evening progressed.

She was challenged by her opponent, Democratic Attorney General Terry Goddard, several times on her previous claims of beheadings taking place in the state.  Goddard says the governor’s false assertions are scaring away tourists and hurting the state’s economy.

“I’m astonished right now,” Goddard said.  “Everybody who studied this knows there are no beheadings.  Arizona has the lowest violent crime rate we’ve had since 1983.”

Throughout the debate Brewer continued to ignore pointed questions regarding her claims of beheadings and countered by demanding that Goddard denounce unions that have supported boycotts of the state.  The governor walked away from media waiting outside who also called on her to clear up her claims of beheadings.

“That was an error, if I said that,” Brewer said on Friday. “I misspoke.”

Brewer first made the beheading claims during a Fox News interview on June 16 saying “the kidnappings and the extortion and the beheadings and the fact that people can’t feel safe in their community” while discussing the controversial immigration law in Arizona.

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  1. Yes, well, the Know Nothings cannot be any further confused by facts.
    Hateful people appear to have a strong movement because they are loud and seem to have money. But history shows, eventually it all blows apart because, well, they come to hate each other too!