Saturday, July 20, 2024

Border Governors Call for Immigration Reform in U.S.

U.S. and Mexican border governors called for a reform of U.S. immigration policies at their annual conference in New Mexico on Monday.

The governors from both sides of the border gathered for their annual conference where they issue proclamations and pledges to work together and address concerns.  New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, however, said it’s unrealistic to expect Congress to act on the hot-button political issue before the November general election.

As previously reported in La Plaza, Richardson stepped up to host the conference in his state, scheduled to take place in Arizona this year, after Gov. Jan Brewer canceled it earlier this summer when six Mexican border governors wrote to her saying they intended to boycott the conference to protest SB 1070.  Richardson was the only U.S. governor in attendance.

“There has to be a national effort, and it’s really up to Democrats and Republicans alike. It’s not just a partisan issue,” Richardson said.

The governors said in a joint statement that they “recognize the need for comprehensive immigration reform” in the United States and for a deportation process “based on the fundamental premise of respecting the human dignity and human rights of individuals being repatriated.”

Richardson, who is in the last year of his governorship, said he hopes immigration reform will become a major priority for Congress next year and that the groundwork could be laid for legislation after the general election.

“We want dialogue, not division,” Richardson said.

AP News