Friday, May 24, 2024

Lawmaker in Texas Wants Police to Question Citizenship of Everyone Detained

A Republican Texas state representative is expected to file a bill on Tuesday that would require police officers to question the citizenship status of every person they detain.

“They would ask everybody the same question,” Rep. Leo Berman said.

Berman says his version of Arizona’s controversial anti-immigrant bill will take “out the officer’s discretion.”  Under  SB 1070, officers must have reasonable suspicion to question a person’s immigration status.

The bill, which may be considered by the Texas legislature convening on Jan.11, is similar to SB 1070 in more ways than one.  It also includes the provision that no city may act as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, and employers must electronically verify Social Security cards.

The Republican lawmaker’s plans did not stop there with his copy-cat bill. Berman also plans to file two other immigration-related bills Tuesday, one of which would make English the official language of Texas.

“That will save the state millions of dollars in printing,” he said.

As reported in La Plaza last week, 22 Democrats lost their state seats in Texas giving Republicans an overwhelming majority.  The first item on their agenda, the new lawmakers announced, is the “toughest possible crackdown on illegal immigration.”