Saturday, March 2, 2024

Neo-Nazi March in Arizona over SB 1070 Turns into Chaos

An unruly confrontation between Neo-Nazis marching in support of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law and counter protesters in Phoenix over the weekend left multiple people injured and two arrests.

Civil rights activists heavily outnumbered the members of the National Socialist Movement, who intended to take their Neo-Nazi parade all the way to the federal courthouse.  Police in riot gear arrived to control the white-supremacists and separate the two groups.  The commotion left multiple people injured and two arrested after they hurled rocks at the officers.

Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready was behind the march and was caught on camera at the scene of the chaos.  La Plaza has previously reported on Ready’s anti-immigrant actions, particularly his vigilante patrols of the Arizona-Mexico border looking to intercept undocumented immigrants, whom he referred to as “vulture food.”

Ready has also been linked to the author of SB 1070, Republican state Rep. Russell Pearce.  Although he denied any knowledge of Ready’s ties to the Neo-Nazi movement during his “alleged proximity “ to white-supremacist in 2007, Pearce attended a rally headlined by Ready.

And the ties between Arizona’s SB 1070 and white supremacists don’t end there.  An immigration report from released earlier this year proved that numerous groups linked to white nationalist causes have lent financial support to the anti-immigrant law both in its early stages and to its legal defense fund.

Huffington Post