Sunday, May 19, 2024

“Hulk” Actor and Stevan Seagal Join Arpaio’s Anti-Immigrant Posse

Last Wednesday, actors Lou Ferrigno, who once portrayed the “Hulk” and Steven Seagal were sworn-in as “illegal immigration fighters” as part of one of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s anti-immigrant posses.

The “national known celebrity crime fighters,” as referenced by Arpaio’s office make up 2 of the 56 member posse, which it said is also the 60th one created since 1993 when the controversial sheriff first took office.

“Law enforcement budgets are being cut and agencies are losing personnel and yet the battle to stop illegal immigration must continue,” Arpaio said in a statement. “Arizona is the busiest port of entry for people being smuggled in from Mexico, Latin and South America. So asking for the public’s help in this endeavor makes sense, especially given the success the posses have experienced over the years.”

The 56 new members hail from all walks of life and 33 are qualified to carry a weapon, according to the sheriff’s office.  They include “pilots, attorneys, former law enforcement or military officers, truckers, business owners, computer programmers, financial advisors and real estate experts.”

Their duties will include “searching for load vehicles and drop houses, transporting illegal immigrants arrested for potential immigration violations, containment of load vehicles or businesses during criminal employment sweeps, and crowd control during demonstrations against the Sheriff’s immigration policies.”

“These guys are busy with their acting careers so I don’t expect them to be here on duty very often. But they can be instrumental in heightening public awareness of the immigration issue and encouraging others to join the posse’s effort to help reduce the flow of illegal immigrants into our communities,” Arpaio said.

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  1. Lou Ferrigno? Seagal? These idiots are a joke and Arpaio is an even bigger one at that!