Wednesday, July 24, 2024

California Tea Partier Proposes Tough Immigration Law Similar to SB 1070

A conservative activist and Tea Party member in California has proposed that the state legislature adopt an anti-immigration law similar to Arizona’s controversial SB 1070.

Michael Erickson, of San Francisco, proposed the law titled “Support Federal Immigration Law Act,” according to California Secretary of State Debra Brown (D), who on Tuesday, authorized the petition drive to get enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.

The proposal by Erickson, a former Republican Party chief in Sonoma County, is almost identical to Arizona’s.  It requires “all highway patrol, police, sheriffs and other sworn officers to investigate immigration status when they are reasonably suspicious that a person stopped is in the country illegally.”  Though, as he told a reporter, Erickson believes he has made changes enough to avoid, “constitutional pitfalls”.

Undocumented workers would be committing a crime under the law if they seek employment while hiding their legal status.  In addition, employers would also be breaking the law if they hire undocumented workers “intentionally or negligently.”

The Justice Department has filed suit against Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer over the law, which many say will lead to racial profiling and is anti-Hispanic.  A federal judge blocked the most controversial parts of the law from going into effect in July.

California has one of the largest Hispanic populations and number of registered Hispanic voters, which won’t make it easy to gather the 433,971 signatures Erickson will need to collect from registered voters by April 21 in order to see his proposal on the ballot.  Erickson hopes to have this before voters in 2012.

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  1. Goodforhim says

    Given what’s going on in Los Angeles with these gangs in Highland Park and surrounding areas, something needs to be done! The violence is totally unnecessary! Then to top it off, I’m certain most of the people doing all of the crime are on welfare, using tax payer’s money for services, etc. Their neighborhoods don’t even look like the USA, all tacky, ran down, graffiti, yuck. They need to go in there demolish the place, show the gangs that it’s not their turf, it belongs to the State of California, and the Union. We need to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq and use our military to take out the terrorists in L.A. Roll some tanks in there, tear the area down, take their tagging off of everything, and build a military base. Round up all the people living their now, and get rid of all the troublemakers. No, I’m not racist…I think people who have the mindsets of people like Bill Richardson, Selma Hayack, Jennifer Lopez, and such are more than fine…but the trash MUST GO!