Tuesday, July 23, 2024

8 States Try to Keep Immigration Laws

Just when you thought it was over…

The Week.com is reporting that 8 states, besides Arizona, are working on Arizona-style immigration laws,with the effort to purge their states of undocumented persons.

This comes in the aftermath of the partial injunction against parts of the controversial AZ1070. Although it looks like the law will eventually be heard in the US Supreme Court, these eight states seem adamant on carving-out a small niche to bolster their respective laws.

Here’s a partial list of all the data to be found in theweek.com’s website.

1. Georgia
The state Senate is considering a bill this week that would allow any law enforcement officer to investigate the immigration status of any suspected criminal.

2. Florida
A bill currently progressing through the Florida legislature would require anyone employed within the state to be subject to a check by “E-Verify,” the federal citizenship and immigration registry.

3. Nebraska
The Cornhusker State has enacted a raft of anti-immigration laws in the past few years, most recently an edict that denies public assistance to legal immigrants who have lived in the country less than five years.

4. Alabama

The state Senate is considering an “Arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigration,” says Reuters, with measures that would give state police the power to check the immigration status of those detained on other charges, and enact its own version of Florida’s “E-verify” law.

5. Utah
Republican Gov. Gary Herbert signed four immigration bills into law last month, one of which permits police to check the immigration status of people arrested for serious crimes.

6. Oklahoma
The state is considering several harsh immigration measures, including the denial of in-state college tuition to high school graduates who cannot prove their immigration status.

7.  Virginia
Virginia’s state legislature is considering a bill that would ban unauthorized immigrants from studying at public universities, and is also enforcing an “E-Verify” law.

8. South Carolina
The state legislature is in the final stages of passing a bill that would allow police to check immigration status during stops or arrests.

Reposted with permission from News Taco.