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GOP Governor Speaks out against AZ-like Law in Michigan

Republican Governor Rick Snyder said immigration legislation such as Arizona’s SB 1070 would be “detrimental” to Michigan.

The governor made his remarks before the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce last Thursday, as an anti-immigration bill makes its way through the state legislature.  Similar to Arizona’s law, the proposed measure would force police officers to question the immigration status of anyone they detain.

Snyder told the audience that he is against such a bill because it would “encourage a divisive atmosphere.”

Elected to the governorship in November, Snyder faces the challenge of turning around one of the hardest-hit economies in the country and a declining population, as evidenced by the 2010 US Census.

Contrary to his Republican colleagues, who have touted anti-immigrant laws in several states, Snyder has said on more than one occasion that the state needs immigrants.

“We need to celebrate diversity; it’s one of our strengths,” Snyder said, according to published reports. “One of the things I’m proud to say I’m already encouraging, that was in my state of the state message, is the idea of more immigration, particularly for advanced degree people.”

Still, despite the heavy costs to tax-payers associated with immigration laws that have little chance of being upheld by federal courts, which has been the case with SB 1070—now headed into a costly battle at the US Supreme Court—states continue to pass anti-immigrant laws.  South Carolina and Georgia are the most recent states to pass such laws.

The Texas House also recently approved a so-called “sanctuary cities” bill that would allow police to question people they detain about their citizenship status and prohibit local governments and police agencies from adopting polices to ban their officers from asking detained people about their immigration status.

Critics have repeatedly said the anti-immigrant measures encourage racial profiling of Latinos and foster anti-Hispanic sentiment.

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  1. 03/13/11) — While the U.S. Census reports Michigan’s overall population is dropping, one ethnic group is growing to become the largest in the state.

    Projected 2010 Census numbers are expected to reveal that Latinos are the largest minority group in Michigan.

    Saginaw is among the cities in Mid-Michigan where the Latino population is becoming larger. Now, the city’s residents say they need support to make sure resources for Latino families meet the growing demands.

    Members of the American GI Forum of Saginaw say they’ve been working hard to make sure they meet the needs of Latinos there.

    “We need to make them at home. Mi casa es tu casa,” said Concepcion Olvera of the American GI Forum of Saginaw.

    According to the U.S. Census, the number of Latinos in Saginaw has jumped to make up 14 percent of the city since the year 2000.

    “This is a wake up call to all the Latinos and Hispanics that we need to organize and gather together and present our concerns and issues in a very strong way,” said the Rev. George Dorado of West Michigan Avenue United Methodist.

    “My concern is [that] these kids are going to drop out of high school,” Olvera said.

    Amongst Latino students in the Saginaw Public School District, the Forum reports a 50 percent drop-out rate.

    “As studies show, by the ninth grade, Hispanics and other minorities begin to get disillusioned,” said Mi Gente Magazine assistant editor Rosa Morales. “The Forum is trying to ease this problem with its “Save Money for College Program.” For one week of perfect attendance starting from the first grade, each Latino student will earn $1 toward college.

    “We will walk that kid from kindergarten to the 12th grade. If we do that, when they end up being 17, 18, they won’t be looking at us through iron bars, they will be looking at us through the tassel. That’s what I want to see,” Olvera said.