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Latina Members of Congress Applaud Maria Cardona’s Appointment as First Latina Democrat to be Named CNN Political Contributor





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, October 31, 2011
CONTACT: Ingrid Duran or Catherine Pino, 703-671-7365


WASHINGTON DC – PoderPAC, a political action committee founded by and for Latinas to help more Latinas get elected to positions at the local, state and federal level, today recognized and congratulated fellow PoderPAC Board Member Maria Cardona for her new appointment as CNN’s newest Political Analyst/Contributor for the 2012 election season. In a first for any national network, Cardona also will serve that role for CNN en Espanol.

“Maria has been an effective and unique Democratic voice for years, and she will play a critical role at CNN throughout the 2012 election season. I commend and congratulate CNN in recognizing Maria’s expertise and her ability to highlight new ideas and issues of importance to Latinos, women and the working class.” said Honorary PoderPAC Co-Chair Congresswoman Grace Napolitano.

Honorary PoderPAC Co-Chair Congresswoman Lucille Roybal Allard added, “It is so refreshing to see a strong Latina on national television talking about all the issues that affect Latinos and all Americans – healthcare, jobs, the economy, foreign policy, and yes, immigration, and to see her do it with both finesse and true grit when needed.

Honorary PoderPAC Co-Chair Congresswoman Linda Sanchez stated, “In the tough, take-no-prisoners world of political punditry, Maria has stood out in a sea of mostly homogenous men, and has shown them what going up against a “wise Latina” is all about. I am proud to see her showing Americans and the world the richness of our country’s diversity is now reaching the upper-echelons of our critical national debate on politics and public policy. And it is great to see that CNN has recognized the importance of that representation.”

Honorary PoderPAC Co-Chair Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez said, “We need more Latina voices like Maria’s that have crossover, bilingual appeal and can speak to Americans about all issues and also be a role-model for young Latinas who want to get involved in the critical national political conversation. I look forward to working with Maria and to watching her flawlessly articulate how and why President Obama and the Democrats are the best choices for voters in the upcoming election.

“I congratulate Maria for her new role as a CNN Political Contributor, the only Latina currently in that role at the network, and the only Latina on any national network playing that role in both English for all of CNN’s English-speaking channels and Spanish for CNN en Espanol,” honorary PoderPAC Co-Chair Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez said of Cardona’s appointment. “ I am also thrilled that CNN has taken notice of Maria’s talents both as a tough and enlightened Democratic Strategist on all issues political but also as an important voice that speaks to the growing and powerful Latino electorate.”

Founding PoderPAC Board members Ingrid Duran and Catherine Pino added, “PoderPac is thrilled and incredibly proud that one of our board members is being recognized for her important contributions in helping to inform the American electorate about what is at stake in national elections. CNN has certainly gained an important voice for their political coverage in both English and Spanish, and young Latinas everywhere are now assured a another valuable role model as they navigate the coverage of the convoluted world of national politics and what it means to their everyday lives. Felicidades Maria!”