Saturday, May 18, 2024

Obama Campaign Hires National Latino Vote Director

Adrian Saenz has been hired as National Latino Vote Director by the Obama campaign in an effort to recreate and expand the president’s performance with Latinos in 2012.

A veteran operative, Saenz served as State Director in Texas and New Mexico during President Obama’s 2008 campaign. He is expected to travel around the U.S. to develop state-specific strategies that connects Latinos to the Obama campaign.

His focus will be on states that have historically had a large Latino electorate such as New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and others with growing numbers of Latino voters like Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

“We’re registering Latino voters now and we’re going to actively engage them over the course of the next year,” said Saenz. “We have to get out there and talk about the work that the president has done on their behalf.”

The Democratic camp feels secure in President Obama’s ability to maintain his lead over his as-yet to be decided GOP rival with his record of support for comprehensive immigration reform, the DREAM Act, and opposition to steep entitlement program cuts.

In 2008, the Obama campaign spent $20 million courting Latino voters.


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  1. Juan G Herrera says

    Ok , usted es un latino, ahora veamos que tan honesto es usted.
    Usted pertenece a algun union group?
    Es usted sociualista?
    Usted considera a Barack Obama una persona Honesta.
    Es El, Barack Obama Socialista?
    Es el Musulman ?
    Que bien le ha hecho a los latinos?


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