Saturday, June 22, 2024

Kansas Secretary of State Fights to Block Bill That Would Allow Undocumented Workers

Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State and author of some of the most controversial anti-immigrant laws across the country, is now fighting against a proposal in his state that would allow undocumented immigrants to work in hard-to-fill-jobs.

The plan, put forward by business groups, calls for undocumented immigrants to be able to remain in the state if they work in industries such as agriculture, which are currently struggling to meet labor demands.

“The key is, these are people that are in Kansas,” said Allie Devine, former state agriculture secretary and attorney in Topeka. “We’re asking to keep those people here, let them remain and let them work.”

In order to be eligible for the plan, undocumented immigrants would have to be in the United States at least five years, committed no felonies, and no more than one misdemeanor. In addition, those who are eligible would have to agree to become proficient in English.

The coalition pushing the plan includes agriculture groups with memberships that have traditionally leaned toward the GOP.

Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback, is among those who oppose the measure, despite his own agriculture secretary’s acknowledgment of engaging in various conversations with federal officials about potential labor shortages.

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  1. Evaristo Ocampo says

    I feel sad for Mr. Chris action, because we only living very short life in this land, plus we have to remember America is only one. Divide in three continent. I from Mexico because I born there, but still America and my generation going all back to the Aztec the onlything I didn’t walk to the north but I still in america for many generation and only becouse I speak hispanic I not american? I dont think so. Think human is only one race with all diferent colors like a gaden, but if we the human race dont understand how we can live in peace, we going to destroy our self. all the empires destroy their sell from inside, if we dont reorganize for the better of this land and the human race, we goint to suffer the consequences. Many human on this land is self fish, greed becouse they have the money but money is not evething. Every flower in the garden look very nice, but if the gardener damege the flower dont look nice. Our goverment and Leaders is our Gardener in this land but if the gardener dont love any more the soil he wil not receive anymore fruit.

    Thank you
    Evaristo Ocampo