Friday, April 19, 2024

Senate Democrats Confident Latinos Will Gain More From Their Economic Policies

Senate Democrats spoke during a press conference about their economic policies and how they believe their policies would be most helpful in reducing high unemployment in the Latino community.

“The fact is Latinos are disproportionately impacted by high unemployment, and more than half are worried that someone in their household will lose their job,” said Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ).

Additionally, Democrats pointed to a recent poll by Latino Decisions for Univision/ABC, in which 57% of Latino voters said they trusted the president as well as Democrats over Republicans in their ability to fix the economy.

As previously reported on La Plaza, the Latino community is still struggling with an unemployment rate of 10.5 percent despite an overall upward trend for other groups.

In the 2008 presidential elections, a majority of Latino voters supported Obama, helping him defeat Senator John McCain in the presidential race.

“Hispanic voters have a great deal at stake,” said Senator Menendez, “and the Democrats’ proposals for turning the economy around are obviously resonating better with them.”

Huffington Post