Saturday, May 18, 2024

Supreme Court Rejects Voter Suppression Efforts in Ohio

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal that would have overturned a lower court decision upholding early voting in Ohio three days before an election, effectively protecting Ohio voters’ right to vote early in this upcoming election.

“We are pleased that the US Supreme Court declined to overturn federal court rulings that every Ohioan be allowed to vote during the weekend and Monday before the election,” says General Counsel Bob Bauer from Obama for America. “This action from the highest court in the land marks the end of the road in our fight to ensure open voting this year for all Ohioans, including military, veteran, and overseas voters.”

This decision is a victory for voter’s rights and a defeat for voter suppression efforts. This is also a possible victory for Democrats, as many feared that shuttering the voting offices on these three days would affect low-income and minority voters – many of whom may be expected to vote Democratic.

As indicated by USA Today, Ohio is a key state for Obama and Romney. It was reported that nearly 100,000 people voted in Ohio the three days before the election in 2008.

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