Sunday, March 3, 2024

Latino Voters Continue Supporting Protection of the Environment

In Western states like Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona, protecting the environment is an issue that Latino voters continue to care about and expect politicians to take positive action.

According to polling from Latino Decisions and Nuestro Rio, over 70% of Latino voters in these four western states found that government involvement in protecting the environment was a top priority, and that protecting rivers and lakes is “very important.”

Following the election, President Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced a new and balanced approach to energy development and environment protection in the West, which many prominent Latino leaders called for.

“We needed a smart approach to oil shale development and Secretary Salazar deserves credit for making this a priority for Colorado, and for the state’s Latinos, which make up a significant portion of the state’s population and depend on Colorado River and water supplies for their quality of life and economic opportunity,” says Maite Arce, Executive Director of the Hispanic Access Foundation. “Costly, water-hungry oil shale speculation would put western families’ health and safety at risk.”

As previously reported on La Plaza, Latinos feel that protecting the environment not only helps create jobs, but also enhances the health of the family. Issues such as the economy and healthcare were the top issues for voting during the previous election, but 40% of Latino voters also rated the environment as one of the most important issues of 2012.

“The Colorado River doesn’t just run through the southwest; it runs through our culture and it nourishes our lives,” says Andres Ramirez, Director of Nuestro Rio. “Saving the Colorado River is about protecting our Latino heritage and promoting our future.”

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