Friday, May 24, 2024

AT&T Aspire Program Providing Vital Support for Educational Organizations Serving Latino Community


In 2012, AT&T launched its Aspire program, a long-term initiative focused on increasing the high school graduation rate and bolstering career preparedness among students. This year, AT&T has allocated $12.5 million for 30 groups throughout the country dedicated to helping student thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Executive Director of Philanthropy at AT&T and President of AT&T Foundation, Nicole Anderson said, “The funding is going to the best of the best organizations in the country that are dedicated to helping students graduate high school, get ready for college and careers.” Anderson continued, “Within that, all of them serve Hispanic students.”

An estimated 1 million students across the country have benefited from AT&T Aspire and the program remains committed to meeting the Grad National Campaign goal of a 90% graduation rate by 2020. A number of Latino educational groups included ASPIRA, Proyecto Pastoral and Promesa Boyal Heights have benefited tremendously from collaborating with Aspire.  Furthermore, Aspire’s support will allow these organizations that are uniquely equipped to serve Latinos, to expand the work they are doing to provide their communities with vital educational and career services.

Anderson noted that, “Education is obviously the most important thing we can focus on as a corporation to make sure we have a talented workforce coming through.” Anderson also underscored that, “This continues to be a primary [goal], to really create exponential change and help our kids graduate from high school.”